Lighting Console Cases:

When it comes to Lighting Consoles, BC Cases is strictly business. We work closely with each manufacturer to ensure the highest level of protection available, and we work with each customer to fully understand their transport, storage, and usage needs. Your Light Board is your Life Blood. Let BC Cases protect it whether it rides in your truck, in the belly of your SUV, or in your 1967 VW Tour Bus! Our lighting console cases are pure muscle. You’ve made the investment to get the best gear you can get – so wrap it safely with BC Cases, we think of everything!

The toughest ATA Features include:

  1. Right Sized heavy duty wheels if needed
  2. 1/2” Birch Ply
  3. Custom interior
  4. Recessed Hardware
  5. Choice of Color
  6. Ask us about our custom silk screening and stenciling features

Need Lightweight?

– Ask us about our Duralite Series lightweight option. The same heavy duty features using lighter weight Duralite* construction!

*may not be suitable for all lighting consoles