Lighting Cases:

More than any other case companies, we understand the “Weekend Warrior” DJs, trade shows, local venues, outdoors. We’ve seen it all and in the 50 years since we opened our doors we’ve probably built a case for it.

You’re different. You have unique challenges. Your combination of lighting gear is complicated. Your load in just takes too long… Let us work with you to create an engineered case system that will travel in your vehicles, roll into your venues, and store in your shop all with the right footprint. Storage space is $$$, we get it. At BC Cases, you know we use the right stuff to build cases that last. Add some “smart muscle” to your business and let us work with you to design the lighting cases that will get your job done, on time, no matter where it is!

Wait a minute! “My lights don’t leave the building…” Venues can change a light map for every show. Call our design specialists for storage solutions that will save time, space, and energy. Not all cases travel thousands of miles. Call us for ideas that will meet your needs for in-house storage. Never leave your expensive investments unprotected and not secure!